Washroom Products To Suit All Your Needs
Washroom Products To Suit All Your Needs

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At Cubicles online we offer washroom products to suit all your needs. We specialize in fast turnaround cubicles using MR 18mm MFC boards available in 42 colours. This range is ideal for use in non-wet areas such as school toilets, office toilets, dry changing room etc.

We offer two ranges at Cubicles Online, our budget range and our premium Shakespeare range.

Our Layout page offers you a very quick step pricing guide where you can see the cost for any cubicle make up whether enclosed, open or corner cubicles.

As our 42 colours are all the same cost you don’t need to wait for quotes just choose which layout you like and the price will be the same in any of our colours.

If you need a wet room option, we offer the same layouts and colour range in compact grade which is required in in high wet areas such as shower rooms etc and will happily offer a quote to cover your needs.

As well as cubicles we offer IPS Panels and vanity unit panels and solid surface vanity tops, please check out the relevant pages for more info on these.

Whilst we believe the above covers most toilet or changing room needs, if you have bespoke requirements or specific colours you don’t see on our range please contact us for complete bespoke quoting service.

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